PAP Clean – Portable CPAP Mask & Accessory Cleaner


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A convenient, cost-effective, compact way to clean your CPAP Humidifier, Tube and Mask in a simple, quiet, 35 minute cycle.​

​The complete portable, care‐free and dry process requires no water, soap or chemical cleaning. You can completely clean your CPAP and BiPAP’s related accessories including your mask, tubing and water humidifier chamber through a stream of controlled ozone that leaves a fresh pleasant scent.

Most Features of any CPAP Cleaner

  • Trusted Ozone Technology
  • No need to replace Filters or Bags
  • Advanced color screen displays each step of the cleaning process



High Efficiency Ozone Generator

  • 30 minute Ozone Cleaning cycle, then a  5 min Room-Air Flush reverts ozone, and a 60 minute resting countdown
  • Screen displays each step in the process

           – Icon for Cleaning, Flush and Resting

           – Timer counts down minutes of each cycle

           – LOCK icon when cleaning,  an UNLOCK icon when complete

  • Dual Cleaning: Standard or Quick Cleaning

           –  Each Mode is displayed on screen

  • Built-in 2,600mAh Lithium-ion Battery

           – Battery level displayed on screen

Large Zippered Durable Bag

  • Doubles as a travel bag for your PAP Clean and CPAP accessories
  • Can simultaneously clean multiple masks & humidifier tanks
  • Tube Guard™ strap prevents ozone leaks

No Additional Accessories Needed

  • Complete system cleans ALL Heated and Travel CPAP Tubes

Type C USB Cord and Power Supply

  • Runs 6+ sanitizing cycles per charge


​FREE Shipping with purchase of a PAP Clean System or any combined orders of at least $99


$5 Shipping by itself

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