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PAP Clean

A convenient, cost-effective, compact way to clean and deodorize your CPAP Mask, Humidifier and Tubing in a simple, quiet, 35 minute cycle.​

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The PAP Clean Portable CPAP Mask and Accessory cleaning system uses ozone, which has been proven to eliminate germs and bacteria.

​The complete portable, care‐free and dry  process requires no water, soap or chemical cleaning. You can clean and deodorize all CPAP related accessories including your mask, tubing and water humidifier chamber through a stream of controlled ozone.

There are similar-looking Ozone based cleaners, but the PAP Clean:

  • Provides both ozone and a room air flush to speed up the ozone reversion process
  • Has a color screen that displays each stage of the cleaning process
  • For safety, displays a LOCK icon when operating and UNLOCK icon when the ozone reversion is complete
  • Includes a durable sanitizing bag that can clean 2 humidifier tubs, 2 mask and 2 tubes at one time
  • Does not need required replaceable expensive ozone reversion cartridges
  • Has a built-in 2,600mAh Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Works with all AutoPAPs, BiPAP and CPAPs, without the need to purchase additional confusing brand specific adapters.
  • Includes a complete power cord and power block to recharge the PAP Clean


BUY THE PAP CLEAN NOW FOR $219.00 (includes free shipping)


New:  Upgraded PAPClean Model with Advanced Digital, Color Screen

Why is PAP Clean better than cheaper cleaners on Amazon?

The Ozone Generator

Most cheaper models only produce ozone
– PAP Clean uses Ozone and a Room-Air Flush

Most cheaper models have only one mode
– PAP Clean has a 30 or 20 minute cleaning cycle

Most cheaper ones don’t have a visual screen
– PAP Clean has an advanced color screen
– PAP Clean displays the battery level
– PAP Clean displays cleaning cycle images
– PAP Clean displays the remaining cycle time

The Sanitizing Bag

Most cheaper models don’t include a bag
– PAP Clean includes the strongest bag available

Most with bags are too small for Full Masks
– PAP Clean can hold 2 masks and 2 humidifier tubs

Most with bags need them replaced often
– PAP Clean does not require new bags or filters

Power Options

Most cheaper models don’t have a battery
– PAP Clean has a 2,600mAh Lithium-ion battery

Most with batteries need daily recharging

– PAP Clean runs 6+ cleanings before a recharge

Most with batteries don’t include a charger
– PAP Clean includes a complete 110V power supply  

In life, you get what you pay for…

Ask your CPAP professional for some feedback, patient success stories and why they recommend PAP CLEAN!!!