Contour Cool PAP Pillow


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Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow for Side or Back Sleepers is designed with CPAP users in mind, but provides orthopedic cervical neck support for enhanced, comfortable beauty sleep for anyone. The Contour pillow features 6 built-in zones for improved comfort throughout the night. CPAP users benefit from this pillow by providing cervical alignment & reducing mask interference that allows their CPAP to stay in place without shifting which causes leaks, noise & dry eyes. The bed pillow really can be used by anyone who’s looking for an anti-wrinkle pillow solution, neck support, or to sleep cooler.

Tired of wrestling a hose & sweating like you are sleeping in a sauna each night? Meet the Contour CoolPAP Pillow that is designed for CPAP warriors like yourself. As you lay your head down on the plush white cloud of memory foam, immediately you will feel like you are floating in a pool of arctic dreams as the built in icy gel layer provides immediate cooling relief.

  • Perfect for everyday use and travel
  • Reduce Mask Leaks, Loud Noise, Dry Eyes & Mask Slippage
  • Orthopedic Design to Improve Proper Position for Enhanced Airflow
  • 100% Pressure Free Side Cutouts to Accommodate Any Mask Without Interference
  • Cooling Gel Layer Provides a Cooler Nights Sleep
  • Breathable, Moisture Wicking Premium Pillowcase Protector is Machine Washable
  • BONUS: Travel Bag to Compress & Roll Up for Travel or Storage

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