HDM, Heat Moisture Exchanger for Travel CPAPs


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Heat Moisture Exchanger by Human Design Medical
Human Design Medical (HDM) manufacturers a Heat Moisture Exchanger, which is included with their Z1 Travel CPAPs. Simply attach the Heat Moisture Exchanger to the front of the travel CPAP, followed by the CPAP tube, which then connects to the CPAP Mask Interface. HDM offers a shorter, 4 foot tube with their travel unit. On exhalation, the blue colored Heat Moisture Exchanger retains warmth and moisture. As the positive air pressure leaves the CPAP and passes through the Heat Moisture Exchanger, it picks up that warm moist air.

When used properly, most customers can use their travel CPAP and Heat Moisture Exchanger without getting “dried out” during sleep and without using a water-based, CPAP Heated
Humidifier. For best results, HDM recommends replacing the Heat Moisture Exchange after 7 days of use.

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