PowerShell™ and Battery for Z2 PAPs by Breas


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The PowerShell™ turns your  Z2™ (or older Z1™ model) into a totally self-powered cpap solution. Just insert the Z2, put in a PowerShell™ Battery Module and you can get up to 8.5 hours of cord-free cpap. And the PowerShell™ is designed around a battery platform that allows you to buy as many individual modules as you need. There is nothing else like it in the world of cpap.

Traveling abroad? The power supply auto adjusts from 100 to 240 volts. All you need to add is the proper plug adapter for the country you are visiting.


  • Soft, padded 2mm neoprene skin over a solid plastic skeleton ensures a secure fit
  • Surrogate power plug for built-in charging using the standard Z1 power adapter
  • Insert the battery module and the Z1 to create an integrated form-factor.
  • Approved by the FAA for in-flight use.
  • A full-night of battery power for most users. Get an undisturbed night of cpap.

Package Includes:

  • The PowerShell™ battery cradle
  • One (1) PowerShell™ Battery Module
  • A lanyard so that you can hang the Z2™ while it is inside the PowerShell™. Hang it from your headboard, a tent-pole, the armrest of your seat while flying, etc…

Note: The PowerShell™ does not include the Z2™ cpap or Auto machine. If you are interested in a package that includes both the Z2™ AND the PowerShell™ you should purchase the Z2 CPAP Unplugged or the Z2 Auto Unplugged which both include The PowerShell and everything needed for cord-free cpap.

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