Resmed ClimateLine Air 11™ Heated Tubing

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ClimateLine Air 11™ – 6 Foot Heated CPAP Hose Tube Tubing by Resmed

The Resmed ClimateLineAir 11™ is heated air tubing that delivers the desired temperature at the mask and enables you to use Climate Control with Airsense 11 Series. It has an internal heated coil and mask temperature sensor that eliminates rainout in the hose when used with Climate Control in auto mode. 

It is compatable with the following PAP devices:

AirSense™ 11 CPAP

AirSense™ 11 Autoset CPAP

Climate Control Climate Control is designed to make therapy more comfortable by enabling constant temperature and maintaining humidity.

This feature:

• delivers comfortable humidity level and temperature during therapy.

• maintains the set temperature and relative humidity during sleep to prevent dryness in the mouth

• can be set to either Auto or Manual

• is only available when both the ClimateLineAir and HumidAir™ tub are attached.

Climate Control – Auto setting Auto is the recommended and default setting. It is designed to make therapy as easy as possible so there is no need to change the temperature or humidity settings.

• Sets the tube temperature to Auto (80ºF/27ºC). If the air in the mask is too warm or too cold, you can adjust the tube temperature to anywhere from 60 to 86ºF (16 to 30ºC) or turn it off completely

• Adjusts the humidifier output to maintain a constant, comfortable humidity level of 85% relative humidity

• Protects against rainout (water droplets in the heated air tubing and mask).


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